Getting your home photoshoot ready

It’s easy not to notice everyday clutter when you live with it but it can stand out in photographs. To maximise the appeal of your home use this guide of preparations you can make. 


1.   Remove toys.

2.   Cut the grass, trim the edges, clear away leaves and pull out any weeds.

3.   Plant some flowers.

4.   Fix any fencing and stain if needed.

5.   Clean the decking/patio and driveway.

6.   Roll up the garden hose and hide away tools.

7.   Paint any tired woodwork.

8.   Clean the windows.

9.   Clear the gutters.

10.  Hide the wheelie bins.

11.  Remove all vehicles from driveway.


1. Remove/hide toys.

2. Remove magnets/pictures stuck to the refrigerator.

3. Clean windows.

4. Remove pet bowls and litter trays from rooms that will be photographed.

5. Remove personal items in the bathroom (toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, etc). 

6. Open curtains and blinds to let in the natural light and views and remove any net curtains.

7. Iron the bedding and make all beds and tidy up bedrooms.  Hang up all clothes in wardrobes or hide them.

8. Test and dust all light bulbs.

9. Remove any paperwork/letters from tops.

10. Clean! Wipe tops, skirting boards, grubby walls.

11. Put fresh flowers in vases.

12. Remove any sensitive objects you don’t want to appear in the photographs (eg, pictures of your children) 

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